Hunter Ambrose Recruitment and Executive Search firm was founded in 2006 by Nicole Barbano. Hunter Ambrose is a retained firm providing recruitment and consulting services. Our clients include Critical Access Hospitals, Fortune 1000 healthcare organizations, LTC and acute care hospitals, law firms and healthcare organizations in Rural America. Since 2006 the firm has successfully placed over 5,000 healthcare candidates in Rural America in 40 states. As a retained firm we guarantee all candidates for a 1 year unconditionally. To learn more about the firm’s services and or request a recruitment agreement

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Executive Search

C-Suite executive search services
Average fee 18% of salary mid-point
Up to an 18 month guarantee
Average fee 55k and all inclusive option for CEO searches



Rural America

Hunter Ambrose has made over 5,000 placements in Rural America since 2006. The firm has worked with Critical Access Hospital’s in 40 states and maintained 99% retention rates in Rural America since 2011.


Interim Leadership

Interim leadership is available for all
C-Suite and management positions
Clients hire interim candidates with a 12 week+
guarantee – Affordable option compared to locum or staffing


Hunter Ambrose provides clinical, laboratory, financial and leadership consulting to rural hospitals.
Clients include LTC facilities in jeopardy, organizations facing compliance issues related to state surveys, and organizations seeking process improvement from revenue cycle to strategic leadership.


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